Safety leads the way during the COVID crisis

Linfox’s commitment to lead the industry in safety and compliance continues to be top of mind during the COVID crisis.

Linfox continues to follow the advice of federal, state and territory governments as well as taking additional precautions to minimise the risk of infection. Despite the COVID crisis, Linfox Logistics achieved its target of a single-digit total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) at the end of the financial year 2019-2020.

“This is an outstanding achievement, particularly as servicing this level of demand always presents risks,” said National Operations Manager Safety and Sustainability, Mick Davson. “Linfox sites have introduced physical distancing, strict cleaning schedules, additional personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitiser stations and health monitoring for team members.

“We are also actively reminding our people of the free counselling support services available for them and their family members through our Healthy Fox Employee Assistance Program.”

Helen Coleman explains how the Woolworths dock process has changed in response to COVID-19: “The dock team is fantastic. We keep our distance during unload and when signing the paperwork, and keep the trucks sanitised. We just work together to get supplies to store safely.”

Linfox team member Andrew Spencer wears gloves and practises regular hand hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19. .

Linfox Healthcare is storing and distributing life-saving pharmaceuticals and record volumes of flu vaccinations for Australians.

Linfox Operational Training implemented new control measures including good hygiene, distancing and PPE for trainers, such as face masks where necessary.

How Linfox is protecting people, sites and fleet during the COVID crisis:

  • Supporting team members to work remotely and ensuring they do so until further notice
  • Closely monitoring and adopting the advice of federal and state governments
  • Educating team members to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection including physical distancing, good hygiene practices and reminding drivers to wear gloves while refuelling
  • Practising more rigid cleaning schedules across all sites, vehicles and equipment
  • Supplying operational sites with items to minimise risk including hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks
  • Creating an Emergency Management Intranet hub for all COVID-19 support resources
  • Ensuring team members comply with government travel and quarantine requirements
  • Limiting all non-essential site visits and screening visitors for signs of infection
  • Identifying, recording and monitoring employees who display COVID-19 symptoms
  • Increasing site, vehicle and employee security measures
  • Enacting business continuity and COVID safety plans across each site
  • Coordinating a COVID-19 crisis response team to regularly meet and review the Linfox response

Kevin Gatto at the Coles NDC, Eastern Creek NSW sanitises vehicles between drivers.