Linfox Hong Kong and ExxonMobil partner into a third decade

Linfox is proud to extend its relationship with ExxonMobil in Hong Kong, building on a supply chain partnership of more than 20 years.

Keeping morale high, working together while maintaining a safe distance (LPG drill at Butterfly Estate October 2020).

The contract award to 2027 shows significant commitment and recognition of Linfox’s service excellence.

Linfox continues to invest in market leading fleet solutions for long-standing customers. ExxonMobil is a great example, requiring a specialised service to manage challenging Hong Kong locations, the number of service stations and local road and traffic conditions.

The Linfox ExxonMobil contract employs more than 70 team members, with some having achieved loyal service of more than 20 years and numerous others reaching 10 years.

Linfox fleet delivers ExxonMobil fuel and LPG exclusively across Hong Kong.

Long serving driver Cheng Hoi Cheung and Driver Trainer Leung Kwong Yan.

Linfox driver Cheng Hoi Cheung, a longstanding employee reflects: “I have worked with Linfox for 19 years and am glad our company has won this contract extension with ExxonMobil. Our success underscores the strength of our services, reliability and customer recognition.

“Linfox has provided me with a lot of safety knowledge and training. I am very lucky to be a part of a company that has strict compliance to health and safety.”

“The entire Hong Kong team can be extremely proud of what they have achieved, not just in extending the contract through to 2027, but over the past 20 years of delivering service excellence”, said CEO Linfox International Group, Greg Thomas.