Cool logistics: 
Next-generation refrigerated containers

Linfox has made a multi-million dollar container fleet investment to optimise and extend its national intermodal cold chain capability, including in its new North Queensland Intermodal business.

“This investment will further align the Linfox cold chain fleet with the requirements of the large, blue chip customers that rely on our vast network every day,” said Linfox President Fleet and Procurement, Ray Gamble.

Each part of the temperature-controlled supply chain must preserve and protect the product until it reaches the end consumer, often throughout long journeys.

“Another 90 new refrigerated containers will increase the Linfox 40, 46 foot six and 48 foot fleet, equipping it for longer distances,” said Ray.

Powered by the largest fuel tanks used in the Linfox refrigerated container network to date, the new containers are capable of extra hours of running time to transport freight further.

“The new, optimised tanks increase the range of the 40 and 48 foot containers, broadening operational routes by enabling longer distance travel without the need to refuel - a major advantage when travelling to locations such as Darwin, Perth and Cairns.

“Considerable effort has been dedicated to perfect the fuel tank solution, from tank optimisation design, testing and validation, to engineering and final approval.

“Weight reduction initiatives have also delivered maximum payload opportunity without sacrificing durability,” said Ray.

All containers are fitted with the leading Linfox cold chain monitoring solution, fully equipped to manage and maintain optimum temperature with features such as roof chutes, transitional ducts, probes and additional sensors throughout the load space.

All containers feature adjustable safe load bars for optimum loading.