Iconic Route:
Laos border to Hon La Port

Linfox trucks operate in some of the most stunning scenery in the world. With a picturesque route spanning the Laos border and central Vietnam, Linfox transports copper concentrate from the Laos border, down winding roads through dense jungle, to Hon La Port where it's loaded to a ship for export.

Phu Bia Mining

Phu Bia Mining is the Lao-registered subsidiary of Australian mining company PanAust Limited. The Phu Kham Copper-Gold Operation is located in the Phu Bia Mining Contract Area, to the north of Laos' capital city, Vientiane. Most of the concentrate produced at the mine is transported to the Linfox cross-dock site on the Laos border. From there, Linfox transports the concentrate to Hon La Port for export. The state-of-the-art Linfox trucks easily handle the tough road conditions, safely and efficiently transporting the concentrate. Drivers undertake extensive driver training programs to ensure the safe transport of the dangerous goods.

The numbers

• 300,000 metric tonnes of concentrate a year is transported on this route.

• Linfox has 10 specialised trucks working between the Laos border and the port.

• The trucks travel a combined 2.3 million kilometres a year.

• Nearly 100 Linfox team members work on the operation.

• 30 vessels a year are loaded for export.