Thinking outside the box

People in the logistics industry are a resourceful bunch, always looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to carry out complex tasks.

President Intermodal, Ian Strachan is a resourceful leader. Having worked in logistics all over the world, including Africa and the Middle East, he now oversees the provision of interstate transport by road, rail and sea for Linfox.

He also leads the team that operates the former Aurizon Queensland Intermodal Business (QIB), which was acquired by Linfox in February this year.

The acquisition brought in more than 350 new customers and added 2,000 new origins and destinations, including some in very remote parts of Queensland. “It’s provided new capability and opens new opportunities for us to reach customers we haven’t been able to in the past,” said Ian.

President Intermodal, Ian Strachan.

“We are excited about growing this capability across our national network,” he adds.

Linfox now operates out of twelve freight depots in Queensland including the Acacia Ridge Intermodal Terminal where freight is transferred from road to rail and vice versa.

The acquisition gives Linfox much greater capability to respond to national demand both north and south of Brisbane. Consolidation and cross docking will grow, he foresees, and it won’t be restricted to small business.

“Over the years we have seen an increased demand for consolidation from large companies, which is a space that we haven’t traditionally operated in,” says Ian.

Freight coming in through our ports has doubled in the decade up to 2016 and the amount of land freight is expected to grow by 75 per cent by 2031 from a starting line of 2011.

Intermodal logistics will play a crucial role, as will the rail network, in getting that to consumers across the country.

With this kind of growth still ahead, the strategic significance of our facilities in Queensland is clear.

“The next steps are pretty exciting for us,” says Ian. “Intermodal's immediate future will be about growing opportunities and making our rail and road networks true national networks.”