Coming down the mountain

Staying safe in Vietnam

The narrow roads of Quçng Bình Province in Vietnam make their way down from the mountains through jungle, rice farms and villages to the coastal plain. It’s a difficult route. Heavy rain during the monsoon and frosty winters in the mountains makes the going tough. Local drivers cut corners and rarely stick to their side of the road. Village traffic darts in from side roads. Cyclists don’t wear helmets.

This is the main route for freight coming from the Laos border to the port of Hòn La. Linfox has used this route for the last three years to deliver for customer Phu Bia Mining, collecting copper from a mine in Laos and transporting the precious cargo to the port where it is shipped to China.

To Vicky Narendran, Linfox Contract Manager for Phu Bia Mining, this was an accident waiting to happen — one which no amount of driver training could entirely prevent. With six schools along the route, Vicky and the Linfox team launched a safety program to teach the kids, and their parents, to be safe on the roads.

The first safety program kicked off at the school in Mai Hùa. The Linfox team took a truck to the school and allowed the kids into the driver’s seat to demonstrate the blind spots. By marking these areas out with tape and putting objects inside the lines, the kids got a vivid sense of what it was like for a driver coming through their village. The team also gave out red and yellow safety helmets to each child, reminding them to “be aware of others on the road” and “come home safely everyday”- messages they could take home to their parents when they showed off their new helmet.

To bring Vision ZERO to Mai Hùa, the Linfox team worked with the headmasters of the schools, traffic police along the route, and Vietnam’s education department. With a successful first program, and backing from stakeholders, the team will be rolling out the safety program in five more schools in 2019.

By working directly with local communities and engaging them in Vision ZERO, Linfox is helping to make the roads safer for everyone.