act sustainably:
our commitment

We care about the environment and believe that working in a sustainable way is not only good for the environment but good for business. We’re committed to operating in a way that doesn’t deplete the earth’s already scarce resources.

Our commitment to achieving zero net environmental emissions, is part of Vision ZERO.

With your help we need to continuously look for opportunities to work in more sustainable ways and work together with our customers to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.

GreenFox is a symbol of our commitment to the environment, and our journey towards a greener future.

“Sustainability is really just common sense. We want to leave the environment in the same state as we found it for the next generation.”

Peter Fox AM
Executive Chairman


  • Use Eco Drive techniques to reduce fuel consumption
  • Turn off computers, lighting and electronics when not in use
  • Think before you print. Try electronic solutions, print double sided or use smaller text
  • Work to eliminate waste by reducing the amount you use and purchase
  • Think of ways to re-use, instead of using new resources
  • Use the recycling bins available at your site
  • Immediately report any environmental incidents, as well as hazards that could affect the environment
  • Reduce waste by avoiding disposable products where possible
  • Report any leaking taps, to prevent water wastage


  • Idle vehicles for long periods of time
  • Place recyclable items in the general waste bin
  • Tamper with or bypass any energy efficiency systems
  • Leave lights and equipment on when not required
  • Leave water taps running when not in use
  • Hang onto redundant equipment that could be used elsewhere in the business
  • Ignore spills that may impact the environment

For more information speak to your manager or visit the Lintranet.