what's this all about?

At Linfox we employ people with a diverse range of experiences gained in different roles, organisations and industries. Our future success depends on everyone sharing the same view about what it takes to be successful and behaving in a way that reflects our LIFT values.

The Linfox Way explains our Code of Conduct and the standards of behaviour we expect from you when you work with us. It provides practical examples of how to apply our LIFT values in your everyday work.

We expect you to set the bar high for our business, whether you’re dealing with your team, customers or stakeholders. The way we treat each other reflects our brand and benefits everyone. You play an important role in upholding these standards.

this apply
to me?

Yes, it does.

Whether you’re an employee or a contractor of Linfox Logistics Australia and New Zealand or a related subsidiary, if you represent our brand and the Fox family, The Linfox Way applies to you. Contractors, consultants and others who perform work or services for Linfox are expected to follow the Code of Conduct laid out in The Linfox Way in connection with the work they are doing for us.

leaders own the job
of creating a culture of high performance

Our leaders are accountable for shaping

our culture and leading Vision Zero. They are expected to role model the high standards of professional behaviour outlined in The Linfox Way. Our leaders hold their people to these high standards too, so that we can maintain an environment where everyone is safe and can perform at their best.

our expectation

We all have an understanding of what’s right and wrong. The decisions we make and the actions we take define who we are. Our expectation is that you will uphold the high standards of professional behaviour and conduct outlined in The Linfox Way, and follow our policies, standards and procedures.

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

If you do not comply with the Code of Conduct or relevant policies and standards, you may be subject to disciplinary action. If the non-compliance is serious, this may include termination of your employment with Linfox. In some cases, conduct that breaches our Code may also constitute a breach of law and carry civil penalties or criminal charges for you, and Linfox.

As a Contractor if you do not comply with the Code of Conduct or relevant policies and procedures, the contract you have with Linfox may be suspended or stopped permanently.